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What is Philena At Home?


Philena At Home is... 

My safe space. My judgement free zone. The place I share my art, my vision for life, and my opinions of the world. 

I am Philena and This is 

Philena at Home started out as my take on the modern black family blog. It was everything from breast feeding and fresh baby food, to early childhood education and the black stay at home mompreneur lifestyle. 

As my kids are getting older and I am regaining some of  my freedom, I am getting back to myself.  I am getting in shape, growing my natural hair, meditating, praying, and attempting to live up to my expectations. 

I'm starting a new career as a Writer. I've wanted to do this full time for a while but didn't have the courage to step out there. I was afraid I would be rejected because of my background and lack of education, but these days I'm making my own way. Shout out to all Youtubers and Instagram comedians and models who inspired me to stop standing there and jump. 

Philena At Home is now my resume, it's my portfolio, it's my scrapbook, and my journal. It's my novellas and shorties, tv pilots, and movie ideas. 

It's behind the scenes with me as I create the life of my dreams. 

Everything you read here was written on purpose with passion. Some pieces will be deep and intellectual others will be fun and funny, and a few  will be about buying shoes with an 8 year old little girl because my life is not black and white... it's filled with colors, and patterns and moods and mood swings. 

Philena At Home is my real life. 

If you are reading this know that you are not here by accident. I believe wholeheartedly that the only people to get this far into my story are people who are destined to learn from me, be entertained by me, create with me, or teach me something. Whichever , whatever, whenever, I am here for it all.

Thank you for checking me out! Thank you for staying until the end.... 

I am Philena and This is Philena At Home!


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