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10 Ways to Make Money Online While Your Job is Closed Due To The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has become a much bigger deal than I ever thought it would, shutting down whole industries at a time.  The NBA shutting down and concerts and conventions being cancelled may sound trivial from the artists, players and owners perspectives, they're rich. But when I think about the ticket takers, concession workers, hostesses, and security guards, the cleaning crew and the parking attendants who will be left without work at every stadium in every state I think how will they pay their bills and feed their children. Mark Cuban had the noble idea to keep paying the employees during this crisis, and he might actually do it but for how long? And what about all of the other owners in other states? What about all of the other industries? What about all of the other people who are being impacted?
I heard the president announce last Wednesday that this is not a financial crisis, but in my eyes, coming from where I'm from and knowing what I know he's dead wrong! For the average person living check to check having your job close indefinitely out of nowhere could destroy your whole life. Having your hours cut when you were surviving because there is usually unlimited over time at your job, can put you in a huge bind.

The landlords are not handing out free rent, the electric company is not keeping the lights on for those impacted, the cable and phone companies are extending due dates and offering not to turn off service but you better believe they will be expecting to be paid in full when this is all over, and for those who are not able to work right now that's going to be a problem.

This is defiantly a financial crisis for many many people.
If your job decides to shut it's doors today for the next two weeks do you have enough money to survive not only right now but the aftermath?

Has your job already cut your hours or made some other drastic change that may have a major impact on your livelihood?

Do you know someone who has been impacted by this moment?

If so keep reading and also share this article with as many people as possible. A-lot of people are making jokes, and making light of the situation because they have enough in their savings accounts to make it for a little while. Others are quietly crying in their cars and in their closets because they're really afraid. Not necessarily of the Corona-virus, but of what's going to happen next in their lives because of the panic it brought on. Toilet paper is definitely not the answer but making sure they have some type of income may be.

Today I am going to share with you my 10 go to ways to make money online. No physical products sell, easy payment processing no need to leave your home to do any of the things I am going to talk about today. By the end of this article anyone reading can have several streams of income starting as early as today, and that's no joke.

Before I get started here is a quick disclaimer... I am not an expert or guru. These are all things that I have done and still do to make money online. I believe that having several streams of income keeps you independent, and ensures your freedom in situations like the one we are all encountering right now. I am sharing this to give people struggling with not knowing where their next check will come from some ideas for creating income online during this tough time and possibly beyond. Use this list, and share it with your friends and family so that they don't lose their footing while all of this is going on. 

10 Ways to make Money Online if you lose your income during the Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Online  Micro Jobs 

A micro job is a temporary task type job. They come in many forms and can be booked through the internet.
Here is a list of companies that I use that offer micro-jobs.

NOTE Be sure to read the payment terms when signing up for each account. While some pay daily through Paypal and Direct Deposit others pay weekly and some monthly. 

- Amazon Mechanical Turk -Minuteworkers
-Slice the Pie                        -MyEasyTask
-Clixsense                             -Shorttaks
-Microlancer                         -Rapid Workers
-Gigbucks                             -Fiverup
-Clickworker                         -Webserve
-Humanatic                            -Task Army
-Pointqa                                 -Dataprolinking
-CrowdSource                       -Neogigs

2. Freelance

 Sell a skill you have. For instance I enjoy writing. I use Fiverr to sell blog posts to small businesses who don't have time to write for their blog. I also sell human focused letter templates to apartment management companies.

What is something you're really good at? Package it using templates from CANVA and sell it using  your own personal website and social media accounts. OR Check these sites for existing freelance work you may have the skills to complete.

- Upwork                                                   -The Creative Group
-Zeerk                                                       -99 Designs
-Fiverr                                                        - Nexxt
-SEO Clerks                                              -Writer Access
-Toptal                                                       -Task Rabbit
-Freelancer                                                -Skyword
-Simply Hired                                           -Designhill
-PeoplePerHour                                        -Guru
-Aquent                                                     -Hireable
-Crowded                                                  -Flexjobs

3. Write E-books and Sell Them

Everyone has an book out right now..... Even ME! I actually have 3 That One Time Capri's Diary,      7 Day Affirmation Meditation For Beginners, and An Organized Life 30 Day Guide to Organizing Your Entire Life.
There's a reason for this... There is money to be made writing and selling e-books! It's fun and it's a-lot easier than you think. Don't have any ideas for a book? The current state of the world is a great place to start. What's going on in your home? How are you handling thing? Tell your story and then go here to self publish it to Amazon and start selling it today.
Self Publish With Amazon

4. Start a Blog 

Here's another opportunity for you to tell your story.  You could write about your daily experiences being quarantined with your husband and two kids for the next 14 days+ like I am! Monetize your blog using printable worksheets, guides, or even coloring pages you can create with Canva. Sell them on your blog or social media using Send Owl and get paid today!

Take it a step further and get other people to sell your products for you with your very own Affiliate program. Send Owl can help with this too.

Want me to walk you through this step by step? Schedule a free consultation with me today. I'm home for the next two weeks I'd love to help!  

5. Vlog

I don't really like to be in front of the camera so this is not my area of expertise however I hear more good things than bad about the money that can be made with video blogs using YouTube and TikTok. The best ways to monetize these include creating your own product or brand, affiliate marketing, and becoming brand ambassador for existing companies. 

6. Create an Online School 

There are several online platforms like Udemy, and Thinkific that will allow you to create your very own online schools for FREE. Teach anything you want, or recruit others to create courses for your school and sell them online. Here's a link to my school PJ Alford Life Skills Academy to give you an idea of what you can do. My husband and I are slowly building our course catalog as another stream of income.

We have a special going on on our How to make money 101 course If you feel like you need a little Financial  Education boost during this crazy time you can get it for just $9.99 until this is all over. It's a 36 lessons 6 week course that teaches you everything from money basics to side gigs and investing. The regular price on it is $89.99 but we wanted to make it affordable for everyone right now.

7. Create an online course

Don't think you have a whole school's worth of information in you or don't have the time to dedicate to all of that? Try creating one course. Thinkific is my favorite platform for course creation. It is very user friendly and free to get started. If you want a little help creating your first course I have a course for that! Check it out here if you're interested How To Create Your First Online Course

8. Create printable Coloring Books, Journal lines, budget work sheets, meal planners and more

Canva and Send Owl are the only tools you need to create and sell your very own printable products.  It's all I used when creating my very own line of printable journals.
Check them out here PhilMo Bujo

9. Start a podcast

Easy, FREE way to tell your story and make some money online while doing so. Small business in your area would love to get some inexpensive marketing... sell add space on your podcast to monetize it.

10. Start Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is how tv stations, radio stations, newspapers, blogs and other media companies make money. They sell other people's products and services for a portion of the profit. To learn more about Affiliate Marketing check out it's a platform created for affiliates of all levels. (I only use the free information that is provided on the site I have never purchased a membership and I have learned quite a bit.)

If you're ready to get started affiliate marketing check out Amazon's Affiliate / Associate Program, Click Bank, and ShareASale.


Several companies are looking for remote workers right now! Search Indeed,, and other jobsites for work from home opportunities, and 

If you're not self quarantining and don't mind going outside of your home here you can also try Merchandising Merchandiser app has work in most major cities, and towns. The pay ranges from $7-$30 per project. Projects are easy most only require that you make sure products are on the shelf, and facing forward, and they usually take less than 30 minutes to complete.

That's it! That's all I have for now. I hope this is helpful and gets some people over the hump. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Be safe out there, and take care of yourself, because if you don't who will?

Philena M.



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