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Meet Phil Writer / Author

Who Is Phil?

 I have been going over this for a while... how should I introduce myself to the world? I've gone through so many different scenarios in my head..... 

What if Beyonce is looking for ways to get the twins to stop fighting and she comes across one of my real mom tips, falls in love with my advice and flips over to the Meet Phil section to see who the hell this Phil chic is... what would I want my new best friend to see? Bad B mama with her sh.. together of course .... or do I  want her to see my reality? Kind of cute mompreneur getting her shit together but not quite there yet?

What if Mara Brock Akil reads Mr. Lamarion Travis in PM Alford Unleashed and is like well well well this little story had a little bite I need somebody with this vibe on my team. When she checks out my Meet Phil page I don't want it to be bland. I have flavor for sure! I use Lawry's and Slap Yo Mama at the same time... I'm not afraid of seasoning! Except, I am kind of... too much seasoning is just as nasty as not enough, we all know that! 

Or What if a mom who has had it with the way her supervisor tries to handle her when she needs to leave work early to pick up her daughter, reads an article I've written about ditching her 9-5 and mystery shopping for a living. When she reads the Meet Phil page I want her to feel confident that I know what I'm talking about. I want her to know I am not Jane Schmo over here  making shit up as I go!   

I thought about all of that and decided to dedicate 7 posts to getting to know all about me! Who I am as a Writer / Author, Parent, Wife, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Woman in General! Bey, Mara, and Mama Hey girl! I wrote this with you in mind! If you want to know anything about me you can find it in one of these articles, and if by chance you can't, you are nosy as hell! Lol! Email me I don't have much to hide!

Up until November 2018 it was a little known fact that writing is a passion of mine. I never really talked about it. I've kept a journal since I learned to write  I have diary's dating back to 1989 when I was six years old.

One of my worst childhood memories is the trouble I got in for writing a very graphic short story about kissing a boy on the side of my house when I was in third grade, something that never happened by the way! It was in my journal hidden in a box in the back of my closet. I thought for sure it was safe. I came home from school to my bed covered in human anatomy photos and articles about sex my mom had copied from the encyclopedia. We had the longest talk about the birds and the bees in recorded history and even though I explained that the story was completely made up she took away my privilege to journal privately. My diary entries and writing in general were diluted for years because of this memory. I never wanted to experience another moment like that.I lost my true voice that day.

 And then in late 2016 I woke up.

 I was following a few blogs. A few bloggers I knew personally were making pretty good money doing what they love. My cousin's wife was making a name for herself as a professional self published author. I thought wow, the internet has opened a door that was previously impenetrable. People with no writing experience could now write full time and actually make a living without anyone standing in the way. I could actually use one of  my  passions  to  support my family!

With a renewed interest in writing I started my first blog Philena At Home. When I started it was strictly a mommy blog where I discussed my life as a black stay at home mom.. It was a very watered down version of my real life. I talked about breast feeding in public, exercise postpartum, and how much I loved being a wife and mother. You know things I thought people wanted to hear... that representative was still  speaking for me after all those years.

Shortly after starting Philena At Home I wrote and self published my first book An Organized Life 30 day Guide to Organizing Your Entire Life. It is a self help book written to help moms get their lives  organized and in order.  I wrote it as a way to monetize my blog, and really just to see if I could  write a whole book.  I took all of the tips and tools that help me in my day to day organization process and surprisingly I wrote it in about two weeks. When I was done I thought WOW I am on to something! It takes people years to write books and I finished writing my first in two weeks. It wasn't a bestseller and there were a few grammatical errors because I didn't have money for an editor, but I did it!  I created a stream of passive income for myself using something I was passionate about.

I started taking online creative writing courses, workshops and master classes online on Saturday mornings while my husband and kids were still asleep. I started picking up freelance ghost writing gigs online and helping other bloggers with projects to make extra money. Next thing you know I was calling myself a writer when people asked what I do, and it felt good. It felt like home like I finally found my thing, my place in the world, my career.

When my kids started school last year and I had a little more free time so I wrote my second book That One Time: Capri's Diary. The story of a girl finding  her way through her twenties and telling her story through diary entries. My very first attempt at freely writing adult fiction since my third grade trauma. I shed my representative found my voice and  I fell in love with writing sex.  I started a secret blog PM Alford Unleashed just to share my sexy short stories, but then I thought why does it have to be a secret? Moms like sex! I mean that's how we got these kids right??

It got me thinking, and very recently I decided to expand Philena At Home from a mommy blog to an online women's blog. A place to go for girl chat, a little bit of beauty and fashion, some entertaining short stories, DIY crafts, Money Tips and some real Marriage and Parenting talk. This blog is all me! It is a place for multifaceted multi-passionate women to just be! Laugh a little Learn a Little and just be with your friend Philena!

That's me. Phil the Writer inside out and upside down! I am a blogger Author Freelance Ghost Writer and should the opportunity arise screen writer for some major series with tons of sex!
If you like my writing style and want to collaborate on a project anything from books to film contact me. I Am Interested!

It has been my pleasure sharing the story of who I am as a writer. When you get a minute check out Who is Phil Part 2  Raising A Family


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