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5 Tips for Traveling With Kids

My kids are growing up and we have decided it's time to start taking them places. I said that to a friend of mine who doesn't have kids yet and she says to me, "You never traveled with your babies?" When she said it she had this smug look of disgust on her face and I simply said, "Wait until you have kids of  your own!"

I don't know about you but going to the grocery store with two small children was enough of a challenge for me to keep me from leaving the house alone with both of them let alone go on a trip! And don't let me forget to MAKE them go pee before we leave... my eyes are glazing over as I think about it!

They're five and seven now so I think we might be ready. We're taking a few short road trips 4-5 hour drives, this summer to test the waters. I don't know what to expect but what I do know is that I have mapped out where every bathroom is along each route! The're not going to catch me slipping! 

Here are a few tips I got from a mom friend of mine who travels with her kids like a boss! I'm talking planes trains and automobiles with no complaints!

5. Have a PLAN! Have activities for them to do in all situations from riding in the car to waiting in line at the airport. 

4. Let go of Expectations. Be flexible and ready to go with the flow! You might have the quiet kid on the plane, but you might have the screaming kid too. Just relax. Everything will work out! 

3. Enjoy the Moment! Laugh at the kids sing along. Watch as their faces light up during take off, and hold their hands when they're terrified during decent. 

2. Bring Help (if you can)! A friend, parent  a spouse Someone to carry the bags when you have to carry the kid. 

1. Bring Snacks!! There's nothing that calms a Hangry parent or an unruly kid like food! Feed their faces, feed your face and you will all be just fine!

Pray for me!! I'll let y'all  know how it goes! 

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