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5 Rules for a Happy Marriage

This wedding season we will have the pleasure of attending not one not two not three four or five weddings. My husband and I will be seen doing the Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle at six weddings between June and November this year!!  We are lovers of love!  We are happy and so excited to be a part of our friend's and family's special days.

Jeremiah and I will be celebrating eight years of love and three years of marriage on June 11  and we feel like we have a little wisdom to share with all of the soon to be newly weds. Today's post is a special gift for all of you heading down the isle this wedding season, and all of the other love birds out there!

NOTE: Don't worry T T this special gift will not replace the blender and toaster from your wedding registry! We got ya'll!

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We are the older couple amongst our group of friends, so people tend to look to us for advise. We don't claim to have all the answers, hell we don't claim to have any of the answers!  When asked we just tell our friends what works for us,and we assume it's good advice since so many of you have taken it and are now headed toward that married life!

1. Remember you are a team. It should never be me against you or you against me. This is not a battle! It is a relationship! We work as a team to solve problems and reach goals everyday all day no matter what! Team work makes the dream work!

2. Communicate!!  Talking /Not Talking will make or break you. Speak up about what you want. Speak up about what you need. Speak up when things need to get done. Oh yes friends and LISTEN too! Figure out how to get the best results together. If you can't talk without yelling and one or both of you can't handle a little yelling WRITE! Letters or short notes can be helpful. I know it sounds kiddie but the first time you try it and it defuses a blow out you'll be thanking me, and then you'll be recommending it to your friends!  Mind readers are rare so it's highly likely your mate isn't one. Help them out by telling them what you want and need in your relationship. 

3. Don't hit each other! AND Don't tear up your shit! When the fight is over and you realize you were wrong for not getting him something to eat while you were out you're ready to apologize, but that apology can't fix the tv you pushed over. it can't fix the big hole you put in my wall. It can't fix the bruises or erase the memory of you putting your hands on the one you love. Just saying. Chill the fuck out! Take some deep breaths. Go for a walk. Meditate. Keep your hands feet and objects to yourself!

4. Have SeX! OFTEN!  Flirt. Compliment each-other. Hold hands. Kiss. OFTEN! Don't use sex as a weapon. Use it as a tool to break the tension, relieve stress, and  enjoy each other.( oh yea and to make little people for those of you who need to know!) I approve this message! 

5. Date!  Give each other your best as often as you can! PLAN and DO nice things for one another. Make sure that you are fulfilling your partners needs and they are fulfilling yours as well.

BONUS!! Give each-other space! We are humans. We need alone time and time with other people to process all of the complexities of being human!  

BONUS BONUS!! Love each-other and TRY!

Now friends if this was helpful Give So Others Can Live! 
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