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Okay so look, I wrote a new book... I know I just wrote that like I'm all calm and as cool as a cucumber but really, I am not!! I'm nervous as hell! My heart is racing, my palms are all sweaty, my
stomach is bubbly! I'm a messsss!
I know, I know, I know!  I've written books before. I've ghostwritten for some best-selling authors, but this time it's different. This isn't a self-help book, a biography, or a Sci-Fi novel, things I am completely comfortable with sharing with the world. This time it is my very own passion project. This new book is me showcasing my artistic side. This is equivalent to me giving a speech in front of a crowd, butt naked! SERIOUSLY!!

Did I ever tell you the story of how I dropped out of college because I couldn't pass a public speaking class after 4 tries? Not because I suck at speaking, but because on the day of the first speech, I would be completely paralyzed, and could not stand or speak. This happened FOUR TIMES!! Four Different Semesters!!! I dropped the class each time because I was too embarrassed to go back after that, and eventually dropped out of college because I couldn't make it through this class? TRUE STORY!!!

I feel the way I did on the day of the first speech, right now. I am tempted to lock my new book away in my file cabinet and throw away the key. To be completely honest I am tempted to delete the whole thing and act like I never wrote it! But something inside me is saying, 'fight back!! There are people out there who need to hear this story, and they need to see someone face that fear and overcome it.'

I added 'Get on the New York Times Best Seller's list' to my bucket list last year. How am I ever going to get there if I am too afraid to release a book under my own name? I can say I am an author all day long but until I have books, behind my name, am I really?

I'm talking myself into this as I'm writing so please bear with me!

This weekend I am releasing my new book! That's right Saturday or Sunday I am putting myself out there. (Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a few months as I will likely be hiding under a rock LOL!) Please send all the good vibes you can find my way, as I am losing my shit thinking about really doing this. What if I sell a million copies and Oprah calls me requesting an interview, lord I can't freeze up like I used to in speech class in front of Oprah! (If you are reading this thinking girl a million copies HA or Oprah is not going to call you, get the fuck off my blog right now!! You are no longer welcome! You were friends with a best selling author and you blew it! LMAO! ) I'm joking, but I'm serious! When I release this book go it is going straight to the top, and I'll be looking back at today like I'm so glad I didn't hide it from the world. I'm so glad I didn't let anxiety and fear keep me from living my dreams. UPDATE Here is a link to the book Description

Okay, I told y'all about it, so I have to release it!

I am going to publish it under PM Alford. I know I usually publish my self-help and blog related material under my full name but because this is an Artsy Novel, and because it's a little racier and contains more explicit content than my usual work, I want to do something to separate the genres.

 I'll tell you more about the book and give you links if you want to check it out in my next post. It will be available of Amazon if by chance you can't come back and read the next post.

Pray for me and put some positivity in the air so that I don't back out on release day.
UPDATE: I released it! That One Time Capri's Diary is now available on Amazon

Philena M. Alford

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