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How To Navigate Philena At Home

As you all know Philena At Home is where I share My Modern Black Family lifestyle. I talk about everything from Home and Family Management to Self Care.
If you haven't been formally introduced check out my post, Welcome To Philena At Home.

Since I write about so many different things I thought it might be helpful to give you a little tour and show you how to get around when you visit my site.

Let's start with 

This page is everything Family. It's where you will find my home and family management tips and tools, meal plans and recipes, as well as all of my favorite family hacks! 

It's where I share my proud mommy moments, kid's pictures, videos and my oops probably shouldn't have let my kid do that stories!  

It's also where I share my marriage, the good the bad, the funny, and the not so funny! 

Phil and the Family is My Modern Black Family Life! 

Want to see what's going on with Phil and the Family? Click Here

Phil Talks Money

Phil Talks Money  is all about Empowering Moms Financially!This is where I share money saving tips, Partner Deals and Exclusive Philena At Home Specials.
It's where I talk about my life as a blogger, discuss how I make money online, and  give tips on how to start  your own blog business. 
Phil Talks Money is  the place to find  flex job posts, micro work apps, and legit work from home job opportunities. 

Phil Chat

Phil Chat is my GIRL TALK. I work from home and miss the office chatter, the water cooler conversations, and  lunch break gossip! This is the section I use to get it in! I talk about the shows I'm watching, I give movie reviews, book reviews, and share my two cents on entertainment news. 

Phil Chat is where I give my advice and feedback on tons of topics. It's the place I ask for advise myself, and share my political views should I feel so compelled.  

Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body and Spirit This is where I share my healthy mind body and spirit tips and my personal  journey to a peaceful fulfilled life.  I talk about yoga, and meditation. I talk prayer and manifesting. I might even occasionally sneak in my favorite new  hobby Astro-Numerology.

I discuss hair, nails,  skin and my quest to find my waist in this section too. I tell you what I'm doing, and not doing, what I'm eating and not eating. I share exercise plans and workout apps I'm trying in the Mind Body and Spirit Section of Philena At Home. 

Alford Family Travels

Alford Family Travels is a NEW section I recently added to the blog. My husband and I have been talking about traveling since we met nearly 8 years ago, but we haven't done much. Our kids are finally old enough, our careers have stabilized and we feel that this summer is the perfect time to get started seeing world!

Now listen we are not very adventurous people! You won't catch us swinging off the edges of  cliffs, climbing mountains, or swimming with sharks in this section. No base jumping, sky diving, or parasailing here either! 

What you will find in Alford Family Travels is tons of photos of us in a pool, or on a beach sipping a fruity drink while the kids build sand castles! You'll also get trip planning tips, family adventure ideas, hotel and resort reviews, and other fun things I think of while traveling!  

Last but definitely not least

PM Alford Unleashed

PM Alford Unleashed is my favorite part of the blog!! It's the place I share my passion for writing on another level! It is my attempt at adult fiction, Urban Love and Romance, and Urban Erotica. 
I share short stories, books and interviews with other Adult Fiction writers. This is the place I let my freak flag fly, and you can too! 

That's it! Now you can navigate Philena At Home like a pro! I hope this was helpful and I hope you love Philena At Home so much that you share it with all your friends! WINK WINK!! 

Thank You For Reading! 

Philena M. Alford

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