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5 Digital Gift Ideas For Last Minute Shoppers

Only 4 more days until Christmas!! Have you finished your shopping? I want to tell you that I am done, but if I'm being honest, I just got started yesterday! I've been so focused on finishing out the year strong that I completely forgot my babies will be expecting "Santa" to come thru in a few days.

For those of you who are like me (STILL SHOPPING) here are a few digital gifts you can purchase from the comfort of your couch, bed, bathtub, living room floor where ever you may be all the way up until Christmas Day!

1. E- Books  Have someone who loves reading on your list? Skip the store, head right over to and order That One Time Capri's Diary By P M Alford or any of the other great books they have available! (YES I did just plug my NEW BOOK!!) E-books from Amazon can be downloaded directly to the Amazon Kindle or the Kindle App which is available for FREE in The App Store and Google Play Store as well.

2. Apps and in App Purchases! There's an app for everything! My husband bought me a professional grade photo editing app that I love! It has to be one of my favorite most used gifts ever hands down, and it only cost him $1.99! Apps are inexpensive, fun and unexpected gifts.

3.  Tv Subscription  I came up with this on the fly! I was getting ready to update my YouTube TV account info and thought wouldn't it be nice if someone else paid this bill for a few months? YES,  Yes it would! Netflix, Hulu, Directv Now, Philo, Sling, Fubo TV, or  Playstation Vue, subscriptions would free up some cash for your tv head friends and family members, and they will love you for doing that for them!

4. Online Courses  Have someone who loves learning on your list? There are online courses for everything from Photography to Making Money Online! Thinkific and Udemy are my go to's for online learning! If you have a teen or young adult on your list check out my course
How To Make Money 101! This comprehensive 6-week course teaches the art of making money, everything from how to start a business to the basics of investing. ( you might even want to gift this one to yourself!(Another shameless plug! )

5. Digital Video Game Subscription Service  My kids are starting to get into gaming and I refuse to pay $50- $60 for a game for a 5 and 6-year-old that they may or may not like. I found a way that they can play all the games they want and I can spend my hard earned money on the new shoes they need instead of a game! Play Station Now is the subscription service we have since we are a PS family! EA Access is available for x box one and there are a few others like G Force Now for Nvidia Shield devices. They range in price from $5.99 a month to about $19 a month, and you can cancel anytime.

Happy Shopping you ole last second shopper! lol!

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