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Welcome to Philena At Home

Hey new friend! Thank you for stopping by!! 

Allow me to formally introduce myself and my baby ... Welcome to 

I'm Philena but my friends call me Phil. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, NEW author, mother, sister, friend, lover of life, wife, yogi, and hustler. I am a master chef (in my 6 year old's eyes) and I am an official tv head! I enjoy reading good books, peace and quiet as often as possible, and  laughing at bad jokes! 

Philena At Home is me and my modern black family life! Not your average mommy blog! 
It's Family and Home organization tips, It's marriage, the good the bad and the no this mf didn't! It's Family Budget Tips, and Mommy self care breaks. It's Me sharing my passion for living and attempting to inspire you to share yours too!

Philena At Home is for anyone who knows what having positive people in your corner can do for you! It's for people who like to laugh, and have a good time. It is for moms, moms to be and people who want to be moms at some point in life!

Philena At Home is a Judgement Free Zone where Positive Vibes Abound! Feel free to come here and be your most authentic self. Learn more about that in my latest post
A lesson From your Friend Phil.

That's me and Philena At Home in a nutshell! Check out How To Navigate Philena At Home for a more in depth look at everything the Philena At Home blog has to offer!

Thank You so much for reading! 

Philena M. Alford



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My Thoughts on Surviving R. Kelly

I'm holding my kids a little closer today. I just watched Surviving R. Kelly, and all I can say is WOW.

If you haven't watched it PLEASE check it out! Just a warning it will ruin R&B and the 90's for you.
I have to admit until I watched it for myself I still thought these women were trying to extort him. I am so ashamed of myself.  I ignored the cries of little black girls and of black women who were being abused. I put no value on their stories before this documentary.  I was one of those people calling them liars and gold diggers.  I am still sitting here with my mouth open in complete disbelief after listening to these stories.

This documentary made me look back not only at the music and the artists of the 90's but also at my life and my teenage years. I was eleven years old when 12 play was released.  I loved R Kelly! I remember having conversations with my friends at thirteen fourteen years old about the things I would do if R Kelly ever invited me backstage. …

30 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their Child

Over spring break I ran across a list of 30 questions to ask your children to get to know their heart on Pinterest. I usually just go thru and pin things for later but this one had my attention. It seemed like something fun I could incorporate into our spring break journal time. I had no idea how much this one activity would impact my life!

Let me start by saying I am a very hands on mom. I had kids intentionally and raise them on purpose. I love them with all my heart and do the best I can every day.... I said all that just to say I don't consider myself a "bad mom." I am not bragging, I'm just patting myself on the back a little because let's face it if I don't who will? I am far from perfect, but I am a good mom!

As a self proclaimed "good mom" these questions had me re-evaluating my life! I thought I knew my kids! We have regular daily conversations. We talk about school and life. I know their favorite colors favorite foods best friends at scho…

2018 My Year in Review

2018 was a year filled with introspection and spiritual awakening for me.  A year of finding myself and reclaiming my power. Revitalizing my passion for life and love and pursuing my dreams.

I lost a big part of myself when I had kids, and instead of slowing down and finding me right quick, I got married and lost even more of myself. I heard people say it before it happened to me, but I had no idea how truly consuming the loss of self could  be. I walked differently. I am an admirer of the sexy synchronicity of hips and shoulders when a woman walks in a room. I worked hard in my teens and early twenties to perfect my feminine strut and I freaking lost it. I dressed differently. I sold all of my shoes after having my daughter with the intention of updating my wardrobe, and I did update it, but not with sexy M.I.L.F. clothes the way I planned. I updated it with sneakers and sweats. My husband is a sneakerhead so I now have one of the most impressive Jordan collections around, but my he…